You Started It (but its not only your fault)

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If your partner can't seem to do that, then more problems will crop up soon.

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It terms of huge external factors that can mess up your relationship, money is right at the top of the list. But this is especially true if you're with someone who is notoriously bad with money. All sorts of arguments with ensue if you guys can't figure things out. So start working on an agreement, ASAP. In terms of things that aren't fair, nothing's worse than a partner who is jealous for no reason. As Madden tells me, it usually starts small. But it can soon build to your partner trying to control the whole relationship.

I'm sure you can see why that would cause problems, and of course none that are technically your fault. When you enter into a relationship, you kinda have to take that person as they are. Sure, they may make subtle lifestyle changes or grow a bit as a human. But for the most part, they are who they are.

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If your partner can't accept you the way you are — or vice versa — problems will arise, Sherri Murphy, CEO of Elite Connections , tells me. The only person at fault here would be the person expecting change. If that wasn't you, then you're golden. I'll say it again. It's not OK if your partner blames you for everything. But this is especially true if you've done nothing wrong. While no one is percent perfect, you certainly shouldn't feel at fault when you've been on your A game. Think of compensation not as the driver or requirement for exceptional effort You may be boss. You may be a titan of industry.

You may be responsible for hundreds of people and millions of dollars.

Even so, the only thing you really control is you. If you find yourself trying hard to control other people, you've decided that you, your goals, your dreams, or even just your opinions are more important than theirs. Plus, control is short term at best, because it often requires force, or fear, or authority, or some form of pressure Instead of trying to control people, surround yourself with people who want to go where you want to go.

We're all afraid: of what might or might not happen, of what we can't change, or what we won't be able to do, or how other people might perceive us. So it's easier to hesitate, to wait for the right moment, to decide you need to think a little longer or do some more research or explore a few more alternatives.

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Don't let your fears hold you back. Whatever you've been planning, whatever you've imagined, whatever you've dreamed of, get started on it today.

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If you want to start a business, take the first step. If you want to change careers, take the first step. If you want to expand or enter a new market or offer new products or services, take the first step. There are no shortcuts. There are no hacks. There are no magic bullets.

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And neither should you. It might be wise at the end of the workday to give your boss a quick thanks for being understanding of your lateness. Showing up late to work happens. Remember that being a full-grown adult means, among other things, being on time to stuff as much as possible.

click here So set your alarm to full volume, leave your house 10 minutes earlier, or if you really need to, talk to your boss about adjusting your schedule—just do whatever it takes. I hope to get into the office by [time]. I apologize for the inconvenience. I realize this is a big inconvenience for you and promise not to make this a common occurrence.

I hope to arrive to the office around [time]. I know we have [meeting] scheduled for [time].