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Martin, now tells the story of a new generation of heroes, for long-time fans and new readers alike. Wild Cards Volume 22 George R. Perfect for current fans and new readers alike, Knaves Over Queens is an all-new adventure set in London, featuring a fresh cast of characters from the Wild Cards universe. Wild Cards Volume 21 George R. Soon to be a show on Hulu! Wild Cards Volume 20 George R. In Low Chicago , a gang of criminals scattered throughout the past threaten the stability Wild Cards Volume 19 George R. Wild Cards Volume 18 George R.

Snodgrass, eds. Martin and Melinda M. Martin and acclaimed author Melinda M. Snodgrass, Lowball is the latest mosaic novel in the Wild Cards universe. Wild Cards Volume 16 George R. Wild Cards Volume 15 George R. Wild Cards Volume 14 George R.

Wild Cards Volume 13 George R. Martin; Written by Melinda M. Edited by George R.

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Wild Cards Volume 8 George R. Wild Cards Volume 7 George R. Martin and John Jos. Dead Man's Hand combines the writing talents of George R. Book five of the original Wild Cards series, now in trade paperback. Wild Cards Volume 4 George R. Wild Cards Volume 3 George R. Wild Cards Volume 2 George R.


Wild Cards - The Guide to George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards Series

After the alien virus struck humanity in the wake of World War II, a handful of the survivors found they possessed superhuman powers. The Wild Tachyon must sell his soul to reach Takis—and once there, confront Blaise amidst the political and military machinations of Takisian society. Treachery and treason await him. At stake is nothing less than the destiny of an entire world.

Science fiction. Fantasy. The universe. And related subjects.

But the renegade biochemist has his own secret weapon: each possessing ace powers, each activated by mind-bending drugs. Fleeing across Europe and Asia, Mark meets a crazed Vietnam veteran with an astounding plan—to lead an army of jokers in a war of conquest. Someone is trying to kill all the jokers—nothing less than genocide will do.

And now their time is almost come… Read More: Card Sharks. A beautiful reporter and a small group of jokers and aces unearthed evidence of a conspiracy of Card Sharks, whose goal is the wholesale destruction of those afflicted with the Wild Card virus. For the card Sharks have a terrifying weapon, a Final Solution, they are almost ready to use…. Finally flushed into the open by the heroism of a joker and an uninfected female reporter, the Card Shark conspiracy faces destruction.

But a cornered animal is a dangerous animal, and the Sharks still have one final card to play: the Black Trump. The ultimate biological weapon, the Black Trump simply kills all those with the Wild Card virus written into their genes, joker or ace—and its success rate is one hundred percent. The iBooks Revival Deuces Down tells seven tales of deuces—aces with trivial powers—who nonetheless prevail and even triumph. In this collection of all-new Wild cards short stories, the spotlight is on the most unusual Wild Cards of them all—the Deuces.

In fact, their actions have affected the course of Wild Cards history. A world of Wild Cards. John Fortune—son of Peregrine and Fortunato, two of the most powerful and popular Aces the world has ever known—has finally turned his card. And proud of it… except that his new powers put him on a collision course with enemies he never knew he had. Is he the new messiah? Or the Anti-Christ? Nobody wants to do his job.

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The Midnight Angel wants to serve her Lord. Billy Ray, dying from boredom, wants some action. John Nighthawk wants to uncover the awful secret behind his mysterious power. Fortunato wants to rescue his son from the clutches of a cryptic Vatican office. The Committee Triad Reality-television aces become real heroes, going to Egypt to stop a war. Originally begun in , long before George R. Martin became a household name among fantasy readers "The American Tolkien" --Time magazine , the Wild Cards series earned a reputation among connoisseurs for its smart reimagining of the superhero idea.

Now, with Inside Straight, the Wild Cards continuity jumps forward to a new generation of major characters, entirely accessible to Martin's hundreds of thousands of new readers, with all-original stories by Martin himself, along with Daniel Abraham, Michael Cassutt, and Stephen Leigh, among others. A new generation of heroes has taken its place on the world stage, its members crucial players in international events. At the United Nations, veteran ace John Fortune has assembled a team of young aces known as the Committee, to assist at trouble spots around the world—including a genocidal was in the Niger Delta, an invasion of zombies in hurricane ravaged New Orleans, a freak nuclear explosion in a small Texas town and a fateful showdown with the forces of the oil-rich Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East.

Martin and Melinda M. Snodgrass, features the writing talents of S. Farrell, Victor Milan, John Jos. The heart of the world is bleeding. The UN might set up a committee. But the time for action is now.

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So, one by one, the aces join the fight, each for their own reasons. The Wild Card virus kills 90 percent of folks who catch it, but those who survive gain special powers. Some become grotesque mutants like the half-man-half-rhino, Denis Finch. Some get trivial powers. And some—the aces—develop wild superpowers. Like the Amazing Bubbles, who can absorb any amount of energy. Or Bugsy, who can turn his body into wasps.

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Or Double Helix, the shape-changing, teleporting assassin. And Tom Weathers. The Radical.

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The strongest, most versatile of the aces. Whatever the cause is at the moment. Lots more aces. Mean Streets Triad The cops of the Jokertown precinct solve mysteries—including murder—then discover jokers being kidnapped for an underground fight club across the world in Kazakhstan. Decades after an alien virus changed the course of history, the surviving population of Manhattan still struggles to understand the new world left in its wake.

Natural humans share the rough city with those given extraordinary—and sometimes terrifying—traits. While most manage to coexist in an uneasy peace, not everyone is willing to adapt. Down in the seedy underbelly of Jokertown, residents are going missing. The authorities are unwilling to investigate, except for a newly minted detective looking to prove himself and a collection of unlikely jokers forced to take matters into their own hands—or tentacles.

There, the cold-blooded Baba Yaga forces jokers into an illegal fighting ring, but her hidden agenda is much darker: her fighters' deaths serve to placate a vicious monster from another dimension. When the last line of defense against this world weakens, all hell breaks loose, literally Now on its final voyage, the historical steamboat Natchez is known for her super-powered guest entertainers.

But after the suspicious death of a crewmember, retired NY police detective Leo Storgman decides to make this incident his personal case.

What is it?

His findings only lead to a growing number of questions. What secret does the current captain seem to be hiding? And could the Natchez be ferrying mysterious — and possibly dangerous — cargo onboard? Seven players.

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