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Kidnapping, Gambling and a Tough But Tender Cop

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An hour later, she leaves six kids behind and drives off with hubby's head in a sealed Tupperware bowl after first taking him out to show everyone ; shortly thereafter, Peejoe and Wiley are taken to nearby Industry to live with Lucille's brother- -Uncle Dove, an unassuming undertaker--at the moment when civil rights becomes a burning issue in the town. The point of contention is a new whites-only municipal pool, at which demonstrations are held after a black boy is killed during a scuffle with deputies. Peejoe's terrified face is photographed during a night ambush of demonstrators by rednecks, later appearing on the cover of Life; and when fair-minded Dove also sides with the victims, his family and business quickly fall apart.

Meanwhile, Aunt Lucille finds instant fame herself, falling into a promising role in The Beverly Hillbillies--until the Tupperware secret spills out at a party and she's forced to hotfoot it from Hollywood. Arrested with the head in her hands, she returns to Alabama for trial and is convicted, but a lusty judge lets her go--just in time for Dove's funeral home to be burned and his black assistant lynched. Threading a thin line between bizarre comedy and ugly southern reality, this is a deftly balanced tale that unravels in the end- -when the fantastic and tragic elements clash in a finale both brutal and banal.

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Connelly who covers crime for the Los Angeles Times again flexes his knowledge of cop ways--and of cop-novel cliches. Cast from the hoary mold of the maverick cop, Bosch pushes his way onto the story's core case--the apparent suicide of a narc--despite warnings by top brass to lay off.

click here Meanwhile, Bosch's boss, a prototypical pencil-pushing bureaucrat hoping to close out a majority of Hollywood's murder cases by New Year's Day, a week hence, assigns the detective a pile of open cases belonging to a useless drunk, Lou Porter. One of the cases, the slaying of an unidentified Hispanic, seems to tie in to the death of the narc, which Bosch begins to read as murder stemming from the narc's dirty involvement in black ice.

When Porter is murdered shortly after Bosch speaks to him, and then the detective's love affair with an ambitious pathologist crashes, Bosch decides to head for Mexico, where clues to all three murders point. There, the well-oiled, ten- gear narrative really picks up speed as Bosch duels with corrupt cops; attends the bullfights; breaks into a fly-breeding lab that's the distribution center for Mexico's black-ice kingpin; and takes part in a raid on the kingpin's ranch that concludes with Bosch waving his jacket like a matador's cape at a killer bull on the rampage.

But the kingpin escapes, leading to a not wholly unexpected twist--and to a touching assignation with the dead narc's widow. Expertly told, and involving enough--but lacking the sheer artistry and heart-clutching thrills of, say, David Lindsay's comparable Stuart Haydon series Body of Evidence, etc. A Darkness More Than Night. The Last Coyote. Boston: Little Brown and Co.

Harry Bosch's life is a mess. His new house has been condemned because of earthquake damage. His girlfriend has left him. He's drinking too much. And he's even had to turn in his badge: he attacked his commanding officer and is suspended indefinitely pending a psychiatric evaluation. At first Bosch resists the LAPD shrink, but finally he recognizes that something is troubling him, a force that may have shaped his entire life.

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In , when Harry was twelve, his mother was brutally murdered.