Tightening the Screws

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We're looking forward to much more awesome solutions in this area. It provides an extensible system for "guided tours" throughout the TYPO3 backend to help editors getting accustomed to the system.

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Extension authors can hook into this toolset and create interactive tours for their own extensions. The core team is in close contact with the authors and is looking forward to further developments. Watch the screencast.


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In contrast to other systems TYPO3 always provided a database abstraction layer before anybody else in the industry even thought about it. This programming interface allows the CMS to run on database engines besides the native MySQL server, but it always came with a price tag: It was complex to run TYPO3 on anything beside MySQL under certain conditions and lots of time and money had to be put into it, especially for non-standard scenarios. The database abstraction is now built-in and always loaded - not "one more thing to think about" anymore. A concept to carefully phase out the old API has been established and currently both programming interfaces run in parallel.

tighten the screws on (one)

Therefore help is welcome and a great opportunity for agencies giving developers some free time to step in and educate themselves towards cloud hosting challenges in the near future: Helping now will reduce the time to upgrade own projects later since devs already know the bells and whistles and were trained by the quality-loving core developers. This ensures high-accuracy, high-speed, excellent maintenance ability, and amazing Payload : 1 kg - 30 kg Reach : cm - 1, cm Repeatability : 0.

An electric actuator composed of 2 to 6 slide axes that Payload : 5 kg Reach : mm Repeatability : 0. Payload : 5.

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Payload : 3. Built-in robot cable; a first for our desktop robots. Highly effective for manufacturing facilities with Payload : 3, 4, 8 kg Reach : mm - mm Repeatability : 0.

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Ideal as an inline dispensing or screw tightening robot Our specialized Screw Tightening Specification and Dispensing Specification software Payload : 0 kg - 2 kg Reach : mm - mm Repeatability : 0. Versatile Multi-purpose Robot Add a sensor which sets off an alarm when the workpiece is positioned incorrectly and create monitoring programs to check for errors.

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With the standard specifications type, use it as a pick-and-place Payload : 3, 6 kg Reach : , , mm Repeatability : 0. With a maximum payload capacity of 5 kg, HCR-5 is best suited for light-weight tasks requiring simple control.