The Legend of Quisqueya

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Energia Quisqueya, S.a.s

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Where Does The Word 'Quisqueya' Come From? -

Published: Oct Buy from our partners. As they were on their way, an old mage quickly intervenes and explains to them that there are mysterious disappearances of all those who tried to climb to the top of that mountain. Nonetheless, our young and stubborn adventurers proceed to go on their journey head on… Then hours later, despite fatigue and cold air, they finally manage to reach the summit. But before they could even celebrate as they were about to spike down their victory flag, the ground suddenly opens up from underneath their feet!

In screams of distress, they tumble down at great speeds to the center of the Earth where upon landing they surprisingly find themselves in a little corner of tropical paradise completely unknown and inhabited by native tribes.

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