The Growing Darkness

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I open my eyes and everything i can see is a bright ceiling, and a sickening odor of hospital, until a audino's face look at me with a familiar look, with her angelical look reminded me about someone. Could it be Please, don't try to work hard.

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And someone wants to see you. I tried to hold the cry of pain and the maximum that came out was a groan. Then i could hear a familiar voice:????? Is he talking about my transformation in pokemon? I need to be answered. What transformation are you talking about?

Growing Darkness

Where am i? It seemed that the gravity force has doubled, it is hard to stand up, but the audino helped me and guided me to a mirror, and in it i could see my new form: A zoroark. Starting from the feet, now paws, they had three red sharp claws, with animal-like legs, going to a sly body, with hairy shoulder, leading to two arms, both with three red shap claws and in the head, in MY head, i have two grey fox ears with some red details.

My eyes were sharp, with a red mark around him, highlighting the blue pupils. In the rest of my head, there was a mane, a HUGE red mane with black details, taking to a green "hair clip", giving it a fox-tail appearence. If this is a dream, i don't want to wake up.

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Her presence intimidates me, even her ability being rivalry Ha, jokes. Nobody talks about plant care without long and detailed information about light. How much, how bright, how hot, which direction and what color? But what about darkness?

TOKYO (8 a.m.)

A lot goes on. If you want to excel at keeping healthy houseplants, you need to understand what happens to your plants at night. There is a pretty big misconception that plants just shut down and go to sleep as soon as the sun disappears. Not even close. The biggest change in plant metabolism in the dark is that they stop photosynthesis, because that is a biochemical process that needs light to happen.

This is how plants make their food , which happens in the leaves as long as the light is shining. They expel oxygen as a waste product, which is why they are so vital to the environment and keeping people alive. Where it gets more complicated, is that plants also respire, just like animals do.

So while they are giving off oxygen from photosynthesis, they are also undergoing respiration at the same time. So when the lights go out, the photosynthesis stops but the respiration keeps on going.

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They respire all the time, night or day. All living things do. This deviant's full pageview graph is unavailable. Last Visit: weeks ago.


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