The Crazy Daze of Motherhood

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He requires less stuff to leave the house now. He can go longer without eating and napping. This whole parenting thing was most likely a choice you made. Are the things you are skipping out on today really as important as that?

Truth or Daze – FREDERICK & SOPHIE

For me, my dark spot was my physical appearance. I had stretch marks, acne, my hair was falling out. I felt like I was completely hideous and that I had no time to do anything about it. When will you be home so I can do that? I would pump a bottle, leave the baby with him, and go for a walk or a run free of mom or wife guilt because both are very real. As I was just describing, there were lots of times that I felt disconnected from my husband, who I felt was supposed to be my partner through all of this, but I was in such a low place emotionally that I was making it hard for him to help.

Grief Makes You Feel Like You’re Going Crazy

Worse: What if I did something wrong? I also pitied them. People began asking us when we were going to have another before our first was even a year old. We laughed ruefully, the way only parents who grew up hating sleepovers and going home early, in tears, from sleepaway camp could laugh. More change?

One child felt like more than enough of an intrusion to count, but not enough to truly affect our lives. But emotions are weird. We started joking about having another. Time to get the IUD removed!

Looking for the lovely in life.

He refused bottles and refused Dad. He wanted me and only me.

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The empty arms and me-time my first had allowed me now seemed like a revelation. How could I leave him for nine hours a day when he hollered if I left him for nine minutes? Have you ever seen a baby who is only a couple months old? Have you ever witnessed the boobs of a nursing mother when her baby is that young? Please, Jerry, release me from this meeting so I can pump in a windowless conference room while quietly crying and scrolling through Twitter!

23 American mothers on what it’s like to go back to work after maternity leave

What on earth is wrong with us? Not work?

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  • My second-born demanded my presence, and paying for childcare would have eaten up almost my entire paycheck anyway. Jesus take the wheel. Still, I kept my oldest at his nanny share. At first it was because I was exhausted. I could drop him off and take the baby back with me, and we could sleep most of the day, something I badly needed. But then it became about my old fears. And it sucked! It did. As long as most of my life remained the same, being a mom was tolerable.

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