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The next day, no one could wake her as she lay among her rave reviews in the papers.

She would never awake again. You can visit Les Milandes without ever leaving your house! Les Milandes Website. Although her life really reads like a movie, this is the one movie that we could get our hands on: The Josephine Baker Story starring Lynn Whitfield. As always, our music comes courtesy of Music Alley. Visit them at Music. But her life was far from simple.


She was not only a dancer and singer, but also a spy, a civil rights activist and a mother. When we sat down to talk about this unique woman, we went a little long. Josephine wrote several auto-biographies- each painting a slightly different picture of her life. Several more biographies were written after her death- each giving slightly different details. Once we began our chat, we often ran into conflicting stories…it was so cool! So many versions! We have divided our conversation into two parts, and the show notes into acts.

She was different from anyone in her generation although she reminded us of several woman since it seems fitting that our coverage of her life should be a bit different as well. On June 3, in St. The father of record is Eddie Carson, a drummer who Carrie had spent a great deal of time with. To deepen the paternal mystery- Carrie was very dark skinned, and Josephine was quite light. Even her birth had enough gaps to allow various tales to emerge.

Hold on tight for the rest of her life! We know this: She was born into poverty and lived in poverty for her entire childhood. As always we go into greater detail during the podcast, but Carrie soon married Arthur Martin and the couple would have three more children.

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Carrie worked as a laundress, Arthur worked at whatever he could whenever he could, but the family was never able to dig themselves out of poverty. Some times she was shipped off to work for families other times, as she got older, she would simply skip class. When she was ten, race relations is St. Louis heated up and resulted in a serious time of rioting.

While East St. At the age of 13, Josephine had her first marriage to Willie Wells, a steelworker. She had been drawn to the theater, most specifically the Booker T. Washington Theater. There she would watch and imitate the acts, then take what she had learned outside to entertain patrons waiting for a show to begin.

With this troupe she would eventually go on the road, performing all over the south-eastern portion of the US and then heading north to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. But first, she had to get married again. This time the man, Billy Baker, gave her a small moment of familial stability and the last name that she would use for the rest of her life. With a few fancy moves of her own, the untrained dancer earned a spot on the first all-black show that played on Broadway, Shuffle Along.

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In New York, and traveling throughout the country with the road show, Josephine honed her craft to the best of her ability, although was probably a choreographers nightmare. She was not only an untrained dancer, but her style included rolling her eyes, making funny faces and breaking into the dances of the age. Another challenge for her was the color of her skin. Too light for some chorus lines, too dark for others. She watched other successful acts, added read:stole new material for hers and worked more on her off-stage diva persona.

She would strut around the streets and in after-hours clubs in increasingly outlandish outfits making sure that she was seen by as many eyes as possible.


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She dated as many men as she could, and worked day and night to develop a wild and exotic image. Josephine entertains Parisians with exotic American dances like The Charleston and other truly exotic routines. Here with her pet cheetah, Chiquita. How did she climb so far, so fast in a country where she could barely speak the language? Partially because she was willing to reinvent herself as audiences bored of her act.

Pepito was as much of a Count as Josephine was- that is to say, not at all. But when she paired up with him as her manager and lover and fake husband she began to soar. Josephine was huge in a great portion of the world, but her native country had yet to embrace her. Ten years after Pepito took her career to a level she had never imagined, he took her someplace that she dreamed of taking like she had Europe.

He got her a booking in America. Could Josephine become a superstar on her native soil? Would her own country shun or warmly welcome her arrival? All of the videos are PG -rated and will let you see her talent, her beauty and how she progressed through the years.

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Just watching this one video, we quickly saw what it was, that X factor that she possessed that drew people to see her. Lookit those bananas move! From silent film This clip shows you her facial expressions and dance style- the moves that got her noticed even with no formal training. Princess Tam Tam — This is a short clip from one of her movies. She appears first at about , but the stage show is fun to watch. Cha Cha circa — This is Josephine later in life, singing.

Just watch and hear her own voice talking in the language of her adopted country. Different mediums, yet they all serve the same purpose of telling a story to the consumer in the most emotionally effective way possible. Sometimes though, the best scary stories are the ones you just tell your friends and family on any other night. No loopholes or anything; just a simple act of verbal storytelling to unnerve the listener s. Oftentimes, the stories themselves were only mildly creepy, but thanks to the illustrations from Stephen Gammell, readers were rewarded with overwhelmingly disturbing imagery to go along with the stories and enhance their scare factor.

Some of these stories have come to live on as part of the series legacy, acting as the icon and indicator for the books in the years to come. Other are much less-known, but feature genuinely terrifying stories with horrific and sometimes downright depressing implications and resolutions. These stories were told in a simplistic manner, but the content itself was surprisingly mature and even complex in its execution.

Before we move on to the list, let me just state that this list is based on my own personal experience with the books. Now enough wasting time! Let me explain myself. Who can blame me though? That being said, the image alone grants the Haunted House a spot simply for its sheer horror. Any story that can make me do that is sure to get highlighted, even if the rest of the story pales in comparison to the initial terror. Hell, I just thought about it last week.

It continues to do this for the next hour or so until the woman arrives home, with the car still closely following. She begs her father to call the police, but when they arrive, the driver drops a bombshell. Describing this story, I feel like we took a time machine to the s. A mysterious car following the main character while flashing their lights has that element of realism that grounds the story to reality.

Another example of brilliantly simple storytelling, Sounds from Book 2 benefits from its short, less-than-two-page stinger of a short story. There are no named characters to attach to, as the situation of staying in a creepy abandoned house is the main draw for readers to project themselves in. The version in the book follows a few fishermen caught in a storm who decide to take up shelter inside the abandoned home.