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After six weeks, the publisher was already pressing her for her manuscript since the book was supposed to be published in September. Ah, but one mustn't spoil that. The gas fire? But it was too late now. Holmes was coming. Razors he might have got, but Rezia, who always did that sort of thing, had packed them. There remained only the window, the large Bloomsbury lodging-house window; the tiresome, the troublesome, and rather melodramatic business of opening the window and throwing himself out. It was their idea of tragedy, not his or Rezia's for she was with him. Holmes and Bradshaw liked that sort of thing.

He sat on the sill. But he would wait till the very last moment.

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He did not want to die. Life was good. The sun hot. Only human beings? Coming down the staircase opposite an old man stopped and stared at him. Holmes was at the door. Nein, das durfte er nicht beschmutzen. Holmes kam.

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Bis zum letzten Augenblick wollte er warten. Er wollte gar nicht sterben. Die Sonne schien warm. Nur um der Menschen willen? How did that come about and what does the German title suggest?

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Goethe's Mann von funfzig sic Jahren is not, of course, a novel but a novella which he had included in his late novel Wilhelm Meisters Wanderjahre of In terms of its plot and tone, his story about an elderly major's renunciation of an attractive young woman in favour of a mature widow is a far cry from Mrs Dalloway. For German readers, however, the title may have been titillating and familiar enough to entice them to buy the book, or so the publisher must have hoped.

Fiedler also met with Jean Watson at Curtis Brown but did apparently not discuss his visit with the novelist herself. She enclosed her essay on Woolf for the Frankfurter Zeitung and announced another, to appear in the Inselschiff. Insel planned German editions of Orlando and To the Lighthouse. I hope we can take them both. But in December , Insel told Brown that they wanted to acquire the option for Orlando and the copyrights for To the Lighthouse for 60 pounds sterling.

In March , Fiedler wrote to her to announce the publication of Orlando in September. Karl Lerbs — was the son of a well-known merchant in Bremen, had trained as a bookseller, published a book of poems called Wellen Waves in , joined the freemasons in May and, after the First World War, became a well-known editor and a prolific writer of short stories, anecdotes, comedies and screenplays. Later in the s, he served as artistic director of the Bremen Schauspielhaus.

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The files at Weimar contain an extensive correspondence between the translator from Bremen, his publishers in Leipzig, and even Woolf in London. We learn from the archive, however, that the Kippenbergs, hit hard by galloping inflation and the resulting lack of demand among readers, especially for Woolf's stylistically intricate, seemingly plotless form of modernist storytelling, were sceptical about the success of Orlando.

Lerbs, however, was enthusiastic. It was a longish book but he wanted to make a full translation before considering possible abridgments. For Lerbs, omitting extended passages in Woolf's book would amount to the vain attempt to make cuts in the Magic Mountain. This would transform it into a suspense novel but it would no longer be by Thomas Mann. Lerbs, however, irritated Kippenberg for other reasons. His careful and often rather inventive translation, which had to be sent to the publisher in several installments to keep the printer busy for the galley proofs, was not completed in time.

There is no space here to discuss Lerbs' translation in detail. Yet it seems fair to say that, despite the difficulties he encountered, his version reads rather well although, occasionally, it sounds a bit more ponderous than Woolf's trippingly witty English prose.

But in every other respect, Orlando remained precisely as he had been. The change of sex, though it altered their future, did nothing whatever to alter their identity.

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In jedem anderen Betracht aber blieb Orlando genau so, wie er gewesen war. Owing to Lerbs' inspired tinkering with the text and due to delays in the production process, the German Orlando appeared only in early December On the contrary, the staff at Insel must have sent more reviews and other publication material to Tavistock Square even though there is no trace of this in the archive, which was partly destroyed in the fire-bombing of Leipzig in It seems, moreover, that despite Curtis Brown's warning to deal directly and only with them, Anton Kippenberg himself may have travelled to London to meet Woolf.

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At least this is suggested by his letter of 21 May He announced the publication of the German Lighthouse in an edition which, he hoped, would please the author and bibliophile owner of the Hogarth Press. Yet the German Lighthouse was not a success. Even Lerbs had at first been very sceptical about Woolf's celebrated novel.

When the book appeared in mid May , Lerbs was pleased.

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Other deviations from the original are more significant. On the publisher's request, Lerbs had omitted the numbering of Woolf's interchapters. This, if anything, tends to exacerbate the reader's difficulty in piecing together the different strands of the novel. If only she could put them together, she felt, write them out in some sentence, then she would have got at the truth of things. A closer look at this and other foreign versions of Woolf's modernist story-telling and the dense textures of her novels would, among other things, have to gauge the translation's coherence on the macro-contextual level.

I suggest that many of the verbal leitmotifs and other structural devices escaped the translators of the period who did not, after all, have recourse to concordances or digitized texts which facilitate this translational strategy enormously. This does not mean that Lerbs, who was about to embark on further translations for Insel, did not feel a lasting interest in his translation.

Did the book sell? Were there any reviews? Clearly, his translation meant a lot to him.

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While the Insel Verlag translations of Woolf's three masterpieces were commercially unsuccessful, they did receive quite a good press. The Insel Verlag papers and further notices in the Inselschiff suggest that the translations of Mrs Dalloway , Orlando and To the Lighthouse did not find enough buyers and readers. At least this is what Herberth Herlitschka told Virginia Woolf in This sounds suspiciously like a self-serving assessment.

No review of Woolf's works around that I have seen criticised the early German translations in sufficient detail. And yet Herlitschka was right about the publisher's lack of nerve. No wonder: after the ascent of the Nazis in , literary modernism was on its way out, at least in the German Reich. This was either a hoax or an attempt to test the relative lee-way German publishers might still have. Only a few respectful notices appeared in non-Nazi papers on Woolf's death in Battershill and Southworth, p.

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For the larger context see John H. For a survey of Woolf on and in translation, see the essays in Translating Virginia Woolf , ed. Much of that story still remains untold. In Germany, Woolf scholarship, sidetracking the early translations and reviews, focuses mainly on academic responses.

The Diary of Virginia Woolf , ed. See Brownlee J. By , Tauchnitz had also published, among popular works by A. Milne, P. Wodehouse, J. Marcus, p. The files also contain extensive correspondence over pirated versions of Woolf's essays, sold by unauthorised translators to journals. I have found no mention of the Kippenbergs or their German translators in Woolf's published letters. She seems to have been, however, at least mildly interested in French translations.

In January , she wrote to E.