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Child abuse and neglect cases involve many steps in the court process. This article only provides a brief description of the process.

Or if you are a relative that wants to help the child, read the article on Child Abuse and Neglect: How can relatives other than the parents become involved to help the child? The legal standard for abuse and neglect cases is clear and convincing evidence. This means the judge needs to see stronger evidence than the evidence required for family court hearings, but the judge does not need to see evidence that is as strong as the evidence needed in a criminal hearing.

A parent can choose to give up his or her own parental rights. To voluntarily terminate parental rights, the parent must make the termination in writing. The termination must also be free from duress and fraud W. A circuit court hearing may be held to make sure that no duress or fraud was committed when signing the writing. See the discussion below about child support. Maybe yes, maybe no. In a case called In Re Ryan B. The court that terminates the parental rights will then decide whether to also end the child support obligation.

The court must state in its order specific reason why this case is unusual and child support should be eliminated. The child or the DHHR can ask the court to place the child with a parent whose rights have been terminated if the child has not been adopted. The court must find by clear and convincing evidence that:.

Requirements for Voluntary Termination of Parental Rights

An adoption is a legal process in which one or both parents the adoptive parents are legally substituted for one or both of the biological parents. When a child is adopted, the rights and duties of one or both of the biological parents end. You also need to copy any other person who claims legal or physical custody of the child. You need to be able to say that neither birth parent can care for the child because one of the following is true for each birth parent:.

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Abandonment is when a birth parent acts, for six months or longer, as if they will not care for the child. West Virginia law says that:. A parent has legally abandoned a child over six months old, if that parent knows where that child lives, and, for six months or longer:.

A father has legally abandoned a baby under six months old if the father says he is not the father and he does not support the child financially or stay in touch with the child.

My Father's Forfeit

If a Judge cut off the rights of one parent or one parent abandoned the child, then only the other parent needs to consent. For consent to be legal, you must give it in writing. You must sign and date the consent in front of a notary public. The following things must be listed on a birth parent consent:. The Circuit Court Judge may agree to an adoption without written consent if the birth parent comes in person to the adoption hearing and gives consent in front of the Judge. In abuse and neglect cases, parents are given court-appointed attorneys because their parental rights are at stake.

Sometimes both parents will have the same attorney.

Sometimes each parent will have separate lawyers. This usually depends on the living situations of the parents. Third parties such as relatives, foster parents, or potential adoptive parents ARE NOT given a court-appointed lawyer. However, they can hire an attorney or ask for legal advice on their own.

Overview of Terminating Parental Rights

In an adoption, having an attorney will make the process easier for you and increase your chance of success. A lawyer will help you write the forms you need or give you information about the forms you need to file. You can apply for help from Legal Aid. You can also contact other legal resources.

I lost my parental rights. How can I get my children back? | Children's Bureau | ACF

Domestic Violence. Public Benefits.

Parental responsibility for separated parents

The following list summarizes the major grounds for terminating a parent's rights to his or her child. Whether it's drugs, alcohol, or physical abuse, terminating parental rights is a serious procedure that shouldn't be taken lightly.

While this process can seem terrifying, you don't have to go through it by yourself. Find a qualified, local family law attorney to help guide you through the laws and protect your rights. Find your Lawyer Explore Resources For Learn About the Law.

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