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Good enough reason, right? Spinner put together a great episode with lots of new and recent music. Because there's more music all the time. Nat Bolden - Good Morning Mr. Adam Holt - Mr. On July 20 it was the 50st anniversary of the first moon landing. But then Bandana Blues celebrated its milestone of show So now, only a week later, Spinner decided to pay attention to this epic event and take the moon as theme for this episode.

Al Corte' - Memphis Moon Mojo, self-release, To celebrate the milestone of I put an eclectic, bluezy mix together of music from then and now. Stuff that I like and ofcourse I hope you will like these tunes also. Konstantin Kolesnichenko - Moonglow YouTube, Just a usual Bandana Blues episode filled with great music, new and old. So enjoy the music. Alice Howe - Honey Bee Visions, self-release, He produced a great episode with new and party music before the game was played, so he couldn't know the USA Women would win the world cup. Andy Santana - What A Party!

The summer heat made Spinner go slow, but it didn't stop him from producing a nice Bandana Blues episode.

Stolen Child

Jersey Swamp Cats - Cupcake! Ross Osteen Band - Nighttime Williwaw, self-release, Power Band - Jack Everyday Angel, self-release, Alice Howe - Getaway Car Visions, self-release, Spinner might surprise you with a few odd songs in this episode. But there's always a connection with the blues of some sort. Kate Lush Band - Headline Headline, self-release, John who passed away last week on june 6, John - Mac's Boogie Dr.

In this episode of Bandana Blues Spinner pays respect to a few artists who passed away recently. And ofcourse there's the usual eclectic mix of great music, old and new. This is volume 3 of Spinner's music from the s filled with southern rock music. Spinner has been busy all week beeing in different places for various reasons.

That's why this episode was put online later than usual. Spinner got help Triple Trouble - Help! An episode just as eclectic as most of the Bandana Blues shows. But also bluesy as usual. Spinner has loaded this episode with lots of new or very, very recent music. You'll love it. Freeze, Flying Fish Records, Royal and blue, just for you.

Woman, Elektra Records, Blues, self-release, So you get what you can expect: a regular Bandana Blues show with new, recent and older music. This episode is simply a regular Bandana Blues with new music and some older stuff, plus a vinyl trio. Tony Campanella - Mr. Kate Lush Band - Jackson Headline, self-release, Again Spinner didn't have much time to produce this episode.

So he picked a couple of long tracks out of the Bandana Blues music library.

  • Well Considered.
  • Rollin Hand's Blog, page 12;
  • Il revient ! Episode 20 - Retour vers le futur (French Edition).
  • Poetas do Minho I - João Penha (Portuguese Edition).

Ronnie Earl - Thank You Mr. Spinner didn't have much time to produce this episode, so i t's a quick one, but with lots of great recent music. Vin Mott - Please Mr. Devil Rogue Hunter, self-release, With a deep bow out of respect for Dave Raven and to honor his dedication to the blues, this Bandana Blues episode is filled with some of the live recordings Dave produced for The Raven and The Blues in his small houseboat studio. Rabbit Foot - Raven 'n' Blues session, Apr The Raven and The Blues podcasts: raven.

There is lots of new music in this episode. And ofcourse it's blues as usual. Spinner put together an episode that turned out to be nice 'n' easy. In this episode Spinner tickles your ears with some more cool stuff. Devil Dirty South Blues, self-release, Little Richard - Oh Why? Due to a busy weekend and a cold that slowed Spinner down, this show got online later than usual. But here it is: mostly new music and an occasional oldie.

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In other words: lot's of cool stuff. Boogie Beasts - Inside Deep, Naked, In this episode of Bandana Blues Spinner presents to you music that fell thru the cracks, so to speak, but definitely deserves some attention. In this show Spinner plays songs of your favorite musical color: a variety in blue. Boogie Beasts - Trouble Deep, Naked, In this episode of Bandana Blues you will find many different shades of blue. But that's not much of a surprise, is it?

Here's another Bandana Blues Special filled with jazz music out of Spinner's jazz collection.

521: Bad Baby

You will find Spinner plays lots of recent music and some other older stuff in this episode. Plus three tracks from vinyl. An episode filled with some recent and brand new music, a few oldies from vinyl and an oddball or two. Willa Vincitore - These Days Choices, self-release, All new and recent music presented to you by your host Spinner. Vin Mott - Honey Rogue Hunter, self-release, There's always a first for everything.

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  6. So here's the first Bandana Blues show of With great music The last episode of , with recent music, one or two appropriate oldies and a nod to a few artists we lost during this year. Nick Moss Band ft. Also in Bandana Blues will still be a labor of love. Spinner's Xmas Break Wow NO playlist??? Just listen to find out why.

    A show to celebrate Beardo's Birthday, with dedications of a couple of faithful listeners and some musical choices made by Spinner. A Bandana Blues episode Beardo would have liked. Spinner hopes you will too. Yes folks, this Bandana Blues episode is special. Makes you curious, right? Well, don't hesitate and start listening. Boogie Beasts - Mad Deep, Naked, This Bandana Blues episode is filled with old and real old music.

    So get ready for another detour thru the past!

    Full Cast & Crew

    Are you ready for some strong guitar work? Well then, sit tight and enjoy the ride. Spinner put another eclectic blues show together for you. And it rocks! Digital Download Single, self-release, Whether you got the post election blues or not, this is a great rockin' blues show for these trying times. So check it out and judge for yourself. Dennis Gruenling ft. Robin Banks - Crazy Modern Classic, self-release, All recent music, some of it brand new in this Bandana Blues episode.

    Spinner thinks it's another Kick-Ass show, but ofcourse it is up to you to judge if he's right. Detonics - Mr.

    June 8, 2014

    Barber Raise Your Bet, Naked, This Bandana Blues episode is not really a Halloween show, although it is quite 'spooky'. And that's why Spinner dedicates it to those who propose on Halloween. Hadden Sayers - Unsatisfied Dopamine Machine, self-release, Hadden Sayers - Unsatisfied Acoustic Dopamine, self-release, The Nightmares - The Nightmare!