Lilys Victory Garden (Tales of Young Americans)

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The Bishops live in the largest house in town. It also has the largest yard. But the Bishops' son was the first soldier from the town to die in the war. Now Mrs. Bishop has hidden herself away in their house. When Lily asks Mr.

Bishop for the use of a small plot within his yard, his grudging approval comes with the stern warning, "No bothering Mrs. A former librarian, Helen L. Wilbur now works on the electronic side of the publishing world.


She lives in New York City. Robert Gantt Steele has illustrated many projects and books about the American experience. He is particularly interested in military and WWII history. Robert lives in northern California. Report incorrect product info. His mindset has really helped me develop. The long-term plan is the big time.

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Richards has met a number of production companies, a management agency and a publisher this year. But some opportunities he is minded to decline. Favourite plant Rainbow chard. Hates The low diversity of varieties in supermarkets. It makes people less excited about vegetables. Next big thing Swede, because it makes a great alternative to mashed potatoes.

It goes really well with stronger-flavoured foods and grows well in our climate. The powerful partnership of Tamara Bridge and Kate Savill , both 30, is rare in usually male-centric gardening circles. Both run individual, award-winning garden design practices, but also collaborate on show gardens. In , they pooled their talents for a BBC Radio 2 Feel Good Garden at Chelsea; this year they are back to create an artisan garden for a craft gin company. Bridge won, and Savill was awarded a gold medal — not bad for her first show garden. The two hit it off when they spent three weeks living side by side in a camper van Bridge and a tent Savill at the show.

Collaborating has been a great creative experience, says Bridge, whose practice is based in Norfolk.

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For their Chelsea show, Bridge and Savill are heading a team of 22, which splits squarely on gender lines: the construction side is exclusively male, the planters mostly women. The construction team gets paid first and the planters only if budget allows. The women, therefore, tend to be volunteers. It does make me quite cross. Favourite plant Bridge: I love a wild strawberry. Chives are great because the flower is edible and you can pull it off and sprinkle it on your salad for a spring onion taste.

Hates Bridge: bad lawn edges. I like a nice crisp edge with no tufty bits. If you have a flowerbed with an edge on the lawn, it needs to be neat and tidy. Lachlan Rae is living the good life on a grand scale. The year-old gardener lives in a cottage on the private Auchendolly estate, near Aberdeen in Scotland, with his wife and three young children, all under the age of six.

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Working alone or with his wife, Sian, Rae insists on traditional horticultural practices where possible. Instead of using plastic canes everywhere, I cut hazel twigs up in the woods and use that for staking plants to keep the environmental footprint down. Rae left school at 16 and took seasonal work as a Christmas tree cutter and then a self-employed gardener, where his lack of expertise exasperated him.

These wider aspects of gardening often go overlooked, says Rae. Gardening is just seen as pushing a wheelbarrow about all day. Rae moves to a new role this month as head gardener on Wiston Estate, in West Sussex. He will be in charge of a four-person team, all under 25, that will maintain 17 acres of public gardens. Favourite plant Cercidiphyllum japonicum , also known as the katsura tree.

Hates Plastic green string you get in garden centres. I prefer jute twine, which is a bit more rustic and natural. Grow now Plants with purpose like cut-and-come again salads, which can be grown on windowsills. Stepping into one should feel like a holiday from life. A lot of my work is an interpretation of that happy place in the garden. She created an outdoor working space informed by the earthy, serene summers of the Lithuanian seaside.

Bujauskaite knew from childhood that she wanted to pursue design. The therapeutic aspects of colour, texture and how a garden view can offer relief to patients are elements Bujauskaite would like to touch on again in future work. Favourite plant Grasses: at sales, people pick the bright colours and all the grasses are left behind, which I love most. Grow now If you live in a flat, grow herbs like rosemary or mint or anything flowering that would enliven the space.

Next big thing Wabi-sabi, from Japanese culture, is seeing beauty in imperfection. The cracks in timber or paving can be beautiful, too, because they show the ageing or time passing by. Will Williams, 22, had a rude awakening to gardening. At 16, having left school, he got a job with a local landscape gardener in Sussex.

The 5. I was passed a spade and a bucket and told to get all the sand round the back.

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That was a long day. He has advanced remarkably quickly since. His passion for gardening deepening, he took a local course near his family home in Sussex. At 18, having saved half the fees, with the remainder paid by his parents, Williams became the youngest diploma student at London College of Garden Design. A triple RHS gold medallist, his garden at Hampton Court Palace flower show celebrated the South Downs with flint sculptures, Sussex clay bricks and the local round-headed rampion flower.

He returned to Hampton Court in with a markedly different project; a large-scale reproduction of the natural defences installed in the flood blackspot of Pickering in Yorkshire. At One is a show garden about balance, pleasing to humans and attractive to bees, butterflies and bugs.