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The meeting was described as "awkward"; Trump failed to shake hands with Merkel for a photo op, and he made a joke about wiretapping which fell flat. In May at a meeting with European leaders in Brussels, Trump denounced Germany concerning the trade deficit as "bad, very bad", adding "Look at the millions of cars they sell in the US.

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We will stop this. However she underlined the importance of friendly relations with the United States, the United Kingdom as well as Russia. Trump and the Pope discussed issues of mutual concern including how religious communities can combat human suffering in crisis regions, such as Syria , Libya , and ISIL -controlled territory. Trump and Pope Francis also discussed terrorism and the radicalization of young people. The Vatican's secretary of state , Pietro Parolin , raised the issue of climate change in the meeting and encouraged Trump to remain in the Paris Agreement.

Italy was the first European country to be visited by President Trump. He went to Italy in May , during his first presidential trip outside the U.

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Gentiloni was also hosted by Trump at the White House in April , a few weeks before Trump took part in the 43rd G7 summit held in Italy. During the Trump administration, Poland and the United States continued to exhibit warm military, diplomatic, and economic bilateral relations. This was bolstered by the broadly shared neo-nationalist values between President Donald Trump and President of Poland Andrzej Duda along with Poland's desire for strengthened military ties with the United States in order to counter Russian influence in Europe, particularly following the Russian annexation of Crimea.

President Trump thanked the Polish people and President Duda for the warm welcome he received in Warsaw. Poland is in our heart and Poland is in that fight. America is committed to maintaining peace and security in Central and Eastern Europe ". Razem , a Polish left-wing political party, organized a protest against Trump. Protesters were dressed as handmaids from Margaret Atwood 's dystopian novel The Handmaid's Tale , as a symbol of women's rights being endangered both in Poland and the United States. In June , during a trip to the United States to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Poland's membership in NATO and the 30th anniversary of communism's downfall in the country , President Andrzej Duda visited the White House where he and President Trump signed a joint defense agreement to increase military cooperation.

According to the agreement, which Trump called a "statement" on the relationship between the two countries, Poland will pay for an additional 1, U. The force will be apportioned from the 52,strong contingent of U. In a separate deal, Poland ordered 32 F fighter jets from the U. The deal is seen as part of the Trump administration's "energy dominance" economic policy, in which the U. Trump has praised Russian President Vladimir Putin repeatedly over a series of years. Trump often described Putin as "a better leader" than Obama. During the campaign, Trump hinted that he would consider recognizing Crimea as Russian territory and lifting the sanctions on Russia that were imposed after Russia began military invention in an attempt to undermine the new, pro-Western Ukrainian government.

On February 16, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had a meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Bonn , Germany; Tillerson told the press afterwards, "As we search for new common ground, we expect Russia to honor its commitment to the Minsk agreements and work to de-escalate the violence in Ukraine". Michael Isikoff of Yahoo! News reported in June that during the early weeks of the Trump administration, State Department employees were told to develop proposals to lift the sanctions which had been imposed on Russia after its military incursions into Ukraine and its interference in the November election.


No action or return would be expected from Russia in return for removing the sanctions. A former State Department who retired in February said, "What was troubling about these stories is that suddenly I was hearing that we were preparing to rescind sanctions in exchange for, well, nothing. As president, Trump has continued to advocate for U. At his first direct meeting and encounter with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he approved a collaborative plan for a limited cease-fire in the Syrian civil war. Trump and Putin met in a summit in Helsinki on July 16, The two leaders spoke one-on-one for two hours, with no aides or other people present except for two translators.

After a joint press conference at the conclusion of the meeting, Trump drew harsh bipartisan criticism in the United States for appearing to side with Putin's denial of Russian interference in the presidential election, rather than accepting the findings of the United States intelligence community. The Russian Embassy stated that the pair discussed "shared commitment to step up dialogue in various areas, including on issues of strategic stability. Trump and Putin agreed on the importance of denuclearization and normalization of relations on the Korean peninsula. The Mueller Report , a report on the results of a domestic U.

During the G7 summit in France, President Trump unilaterally advocated for Russia's membership to G7 to be reinstated and said he intended to invite Vladimir Putin to the G7 summit , set to be held in the U. Trump also shifted some blame for Russia's Crimea annexation to his predecessor President Barack Obama , saying Obama "was pure and simply outsmarted.

Speaking to the Yalta European Strategy conference in September , Trump criticized Germany and other European countries for not doing enough to support Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, saying, Ukrainians are "not being treated right. In August Trump stated he had no opinion about Ukrainian membership in NATO , saying that both membership and non-membership would be "great. He said such investigations would be beneficial to his client, Trump, and that his efforts had Trump's full support. On September 11 the administration said it had released the money, even as Congress was contemplating bills to force its release.

If you're so damn corrupt that you can't investigate allegations -- our money is going to get squandered. Trump himself spoke to Zelensky by phone on July 25, , and according to The Wall Street Journal he urged Zelensky "about eight times" to work with Giuliani and investigate Biden's son. During the campaign, Trump stated his support for British voters voting to leave the European Union [] In an interview with Piers Morgan in May , Trump said that UK withdrawal would make no difference to a potential bilateral trade deal between the United Kingdom and the United States if he became president.

This drew an angry response from the British, and eventually resulted in an apology from Spicer and the U. National Security Advisor H. In November , Trump re-tweeted three anti-Muslim videos posted by a leader of the British far-right party Britain First. It is wrong for the President to have done this. On July 7, weeks after President Trump's state visit to the UK, leaked diplomatic cables revealed candid and unflattering assessments UK Ambassador Kim Darroch made regarding Trump and his administration since , including calling Trump's presidency "diplomatically clumsy and inept" and stating that the president "radiates insecurity," along with suggesting that unproven claims of Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner being indebted "to shady Russian moneymen" could "not be ruled out".

On July 10, Darroch tendered his resignation, writing that "the current situation is making it impossible for me to carry out my role as I would like". A spokesman for the prime minister said that it was an ambassador's job to provide "an honest and unvarnished view" of the U. During the campaign, Trump described the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi , as a "fantastic guy," praising his handling of various political events in Egypt, such as a massive uprising in late June in Egypt against former President Mohamed Morsi , which was followed by Morsi being removed from office by el-Sisi on July 3, During the campaign Trump maintained that "Iran is now the dominant Islamic power in the Middle East and on the road to nuclear weapons.

The Trump administration officially put Iran "on notice" following their ballistic missile tests on January 29, , just days after taking office. After the late January missile tests by Iran, the Trump administration imposed sanctions on 25 Iranian individuals and entities on February 3, which it said were "initial steps", with Trump's then-National Security Advisor Michael T.

The administration boasted that Trump personally lobbied dozens of European officials against doing business with Iran during the May Brussels summit ; this likely violated the terms of the JCPOA, which expressly states that the U. Contradicting the administration's previous statements, a January U. On May 20, , amid a period of high tensions with Iran, Trump said: "We have no indication that anything's happened or will happen" in Iran. During the campaign, Trump repeatedly advocated that the United States should "take the oil" from Iraq as "spoils of war", a decision which technically would require an invasion and occupation of the country.

In January , he said that the United States "should have kept the oil" after the Iraq invasion and "maybe we'll have another chance". McMaster is reported to have told Trump "We can't do this and you shouldn't talk about it. Because talking about it is just bad It's bad for America's reputation, it'll spook allies, it scares everybody," while Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis publicly stated that the United States did not intend "to seize anybody's oil.

In January , President Trump issued an executive order banning the entry of all Iraqi citizens, as well as citizens of six other countries.

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After sharp criticism, public protests as well as lawsuits against the executive order, Trump relaxed the travel restrictions somewhat and dropped Iraq from the list of non-entry countries in March The response had wide international support [] and was highly praised by the majority of Republicans as well as Democratic senators. Although Russian anti-missile defenses such as S's failed to deter the missile attack, Russian forces suffered minimal damage, as the United States had deliberately avoided striking areas of the base used by Russia.

In response to the Douma chemical attack in Syria, in April , Trump announced missile strikes against the Assad regime targeting alleged chemical weapons compounds; the strikes were carried out along with the United Kingdom and France. Announcing troop withdrawal from Syria in December , Trump stated on Twitter that defeating ISIL was "my only reason" for a military presence in Syria, [] seemingly disregarding the previous missions to respond to Assad's use of chemical weapons.

In June , when asked how he would deal with Iraq's condemnation of strikes on their oil fields, Trump replied that Iraq is a corrupt country that is not deserving of his respect [] and that he would "bomb the hell" out of Iraqi oil fields controlled by ISIL.

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In a Republican primary debate on November 10, , Trump said he "got to know Vladimir Putin very well because we were both on ' 60 Minutes ', we were stable mates, we did well that night. He's going in and we can go in and everybody should go in. In the aftermath of the November Paris attacks committed by ISIL, Trump reiterated his position on ISIL, as he had stated the day before the attack that he would "bomb the shit out of 'em" [] and that he would "blow up the [oil] pipes, I'd blow up the refineries, and you know what, you'll get Exxon to come in there in two months I would find a Patton or a MacArthur.

I would hit them so hard your head would spin. Their leaders are corrupt. We have to knock out ISIS. In a interview, Trump stated "You have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. When they say they don't care about their lives, you have to take out their families. Trump repeatedly asserted that U. He also said that U. With the arrival of the Trump administration, a change in policy was instituted regarding the disclosure of troop levels abroad as well as the timing of any additional deployments to the Middle East, following through on his campaign promises to utilize the "element of surprise.

Marines to northern Syria and U. Army paratroopers to the area around Mosul, Iraq. By 2 April , the U.

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The Syria deployment put more conventional U. They manned an artillery battery whilst additional infantrymen from the unit provided security and resupplies were handled by part of the expeditionary force's combat logistics element. McGurk stated that the Trump administration had "dramatically accelerated" the U.

Some right-wing populist media figures who supported Trump during the election criticized his apparent policy reversal on the Middle East after the increased anti-ISIL commitment.

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On December 11, , anti-ISIL envoy Brett McGurk indicated in a press briefing that the war against ISIL in Syria was not over, stating, "It would be reckless if we were just to say, well, the physical caliphate is defeated, so we can just leave now. The announcement was made on Twitter and the decision was apparently made without prior consultation with Congress, military commanders and civilian advisors. Although no timetable was provided at the time, press secretary Sarah Sanders indicated that the withdrawal had been ordered to begin.

The Pentagon and State Department tried to change Trump's mind on the decision, with several of his congressional and political allies expressing concerns about the sudden move, specifically that it would "hand control of the region" to Russia and Iran, and "abandon" America's Kurdish allies. Immediately after Trump's announcement, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis unsuccessfully tried persuading Trump to reconsider, then informed the president on December 20 he would resign from his post.

McGurk had previously said he would leave in February, but as the result of the Syria withdrawal and Mattis' departure, he moved his own departure earlier to December On 22 February , the administration stated that instead of the initially announced "total" pullout, residual U.

About of those would be a part of a larger multinational "observer force". The shift from a total to a partial withdrawal came after Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford strongly vouched for it as French and British allies declined to remain in Syria unless America did. After the announcement, The New York Times quoted officials as describing a "surreal atmosphere" at the Pentagon among military leaders overseeing Syrian policy.

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