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Sometimes it is clear what needs to be done; sometimes it takes a bit of work and prayer to see what it is to be a Christian outside the walls of the church.

Faith at Work

Church of England — Birmingham has people who taken up the role of being a Chaplain in a workplace or organisation. This is a ministry authorised by the church, recognised within another institution or place. Most Chaplaincy networks offer an opportunity for volunteers and sometimes paid staff to develop a role within Chaplaincy. Chaplaincy has a long history in the Church, and is now a growing form of Ministry across all denominations of the churches.

It is becoming a key part of their outreach. For working people there are resources on how to bring Faith to Work. Our dream is to communicate the all-encompassing scope of the whole-life good news of Christ that breaks down the hard distinction between the sacred and the secular in life.

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How can I serve the people who work for me? Some of my parishioners have told me they now walk around their offices to check on their staffs, and that simple gesture has encouraged staff members to share their struggles and ask for prayers. The work of helping laity understand their vocations cannot be accomplished in a single conversation.

Rather, it requires an imaginative shift among clergy, to see this work as part of their calling, and among parishioners, to begin to see their lives as their mission fields. It requires a new way of thinking about equipping all of the saints for ministry.

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My parishioners are extremely gifted and creative within the four walls of the church, but I have to draw them out to dream and work with their faith outside these boundaries, in the ordinary situations of their lives. They need encouragement learning how to take the practices of their faith to their businesses, schools, nonprofits, law firms and other workplaces.

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I show them how the gifts they use outside the church are gifts from God. I connect them with people who have lived out this integration, professionals who are disciples of Christ and experts in the fields in which they work. As we begin to imagine and discover what it looks like to bring our faith, with its practices and its disciplines, outside the walls of the church, people are free to imagine and live out their beliefs in many new ways. The practices of our faith are not meant to be constrained to the church but instead birthed and built up in the church to be released into the entire world.

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Do you integrate your faith with all aspects of your life? Do you equip those in your church to practice their faith outside the church? Most of these practices start with a small step, like praying for the office, and develop into something very deep and meaningful. I invite you to bring your spiritual practices and gifts to all the areas where God has placed you and to see God begin to create opportunities for you to minister to those around you.

You will quickly find that God has placed you in these settings to serve. The Rev.

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How to Live Your Faith at Work

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