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By Terry Copp. University of Toronto Press. By Hugh Brewster. George G. McClelland and Stewart. By Stephen Ambrose. Granatstein and Desmond Morton. Lester Publishing.

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By Canadian Press. Nov 29, Nov 28, Survey: Coaldale residents want more businesses on Main Street while maintaining small-town feel. I forgot the password! Nobles had no idea where he was, but he was not alone.

Pathfinders were specially trained paratroopers who jumped prior to the bulk of the unit to set up guiding lights and Eureka transponders that communicated with the aircraft-mounted Rebecca airborne transceiver sets that told the pilots carrying the follow-on troops when and where to drop them. The surviving pathfinders managed to set up only two signal lights and a single Eureka.

As a result, the regiment—like virtually every other airborne unit—was wildly misdropped; Nobles and his stick landed 10 miles from their designated drop zone. More disaster befell the 1st Battalion. The year-old commander, Lt.

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Apparently he had absorbed a round MG 42 burst in the chest…. To the best of my knowledge, no one in the th saw Herb Batcheller or his radio operator alive after the drop. The townspeople of Vierville-sur-Mer awoke around 3 am on June 6, , to the sound of bombs. In the early morning of the Normandy Invasion, American Consolidated B Liberator bombers were dropping their payloads, preparing the invasion beaches for the coming attack. Thirty-one-year-old Michael Hardelay watched the raid from the window of his house, situated atop the cliffs, overlooking the water.

At the sound of the bombs, most people fled their homes for their backyards, where they had dug bomb shelters, covered with logs or corrugated metal. Some ducked to their basements, a few slept through the attack. Hardelay and his parents raced for their shelter, his mother grabbing her jewelry and money before entering. The shelters were uncomfortable.

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Most people brought nothing to eat or drink for their day-long stay. As the sun rose, people could see ships in the English Channel, but Michael Hardalay could only see fog from his bedroom window. Twelve-year-old Suzanne Coliboef caught a view of the Channel from her kitchen door. What the West Wall had in store for them was a strong, well-organized defense. Then machine guns opened up from the strongpoint at St.

The Oerlikons [20mm automatic cannon normally used aboard ships as antiaircraft weapons] replied and the craft put down smoke on the beach, with 2-inch mortars. Colonel Moulton had the foresight to train his men to fire 2-inch mortar smoke from the bows of the craft during the run-in to the beach. The smoke screen hid the craft from direct fire, but beach obstacles and shrapnel holed the wooden hulls, killing and wounding troops and crews. The Germans built concrete strongpoints in the villages, and we landed right in front of one.

There were explosions all around us in the sea and the shells and mortars were kicking up sand all over the beach. A couple of buildings were on fire and, to add to the tumult, the Oerlikon guns on our boat also joined in the barrage and deafened us. Most craft did not beach square on the waterline, exposing troops trying to scramble down the bow gangways that were constantly moving in the swell. Many marines were pitched into the sea to wade ashore in waist-deep water, while others were thrown in headfirst and were swept away by the fast-flowing current and drowned.

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As each man tried to come down them, the footway beneath him heaved alarmingly with each incoming wave. Many men were thrown completely off the sides and floundered in the water, dragged down by their heavy packs. When I got down the ramp, there was a big sea and a great undertow that nearly took my legs away. They had around 20 different types.

There were half a dozen mines just for personnel, as well as tank mines and water mines. Some were concrete with dynamite inside. Some came up out of the ground six feet when you set them off and exploded right in your face. He knew how to detect and disarm everything. Shellenberg and I were only 18 when we began training, and he made us as professional as he was.

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Start your review of The Juno Letters. Oct 31, Stephen Bentley rated it it was amazing. The author L. Hewitt provided me with an unsolicited free copy of this book after I contacted him looking for advice on writing historical fiction. The author does nor know I am leaving this review and there was no expectation from either of us that I would do so. After reading this book I felt sufficiently moved to review it and let others know what a great read it is.

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The author's writing style is both fluent and captivating. At times it seems the reader is reading a memoir of sorts but it is The author L. At times it seems the reader is reading a memoir of sorts but it is a technique brilliantly executed by the author who constantly switches between the "present day" and the past events that form the basis of the story.

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Of course, this fictional story is based on real people and one of those is the author's grandfather who first served as an infantryman in France in the Great War. That is the setting for the first meeting between the grandfather and a POW. A friendship develops between the two and results in a series of letters between them the Juno letters which are only discovered many years after the end of the Second World war. The plot switches constantly and intriguingly between the "present day" research into the meaning of the letters and the story flashbacks as the truth unfolds during the Great War, the between years, and the Allied invasion of Normandy on D-Day.

A fantastic book! View all 4 comments. Lisa rated it really liked it Nov 13, Timothy Bond rated it it was amazing Apr 01, Silvana rated it really liked it Aug 10,